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Negotiations Update 2021

Ten Day Notice to Canfor Pulp 

Truth and Reconciliation Day

Bargaining Information 2021

Canfor has been chosen as the Target Company for Target Pattern Negotiations 2021.

Notification Regarding Union Interference Letter from CPP 


To all CPP Employees, 
I am reaching out to provide you an update on our mill’s operations. 
Unfortunately, due to the transportation and logistics issues impacting the rail lines, highways and ports related to the mudslides and flooding in the southern part of the province, our pulp operations will be taking a 16-day temporary curtailment, effective November 29th.
This will involve lay-offs. We are working to minimize impact on employees and some activities will continue, such as operating the energy portion of the business, feeding hog to the boiler, as well as shipping and receiving for chip and pulp as logistics issues improve.  Your manager will let you know if you are impacted.
We realize this is disappointing news and appreciate that if you are impacted, you may wish to consider scheduling vacation during this time.  This is a voluntary option for you.
Throughout this time, we will continue to monitor the transportation situation, provide updates and adjust our plans as necessary.
I will be following this up with some questions and answers regarding this situation for your reference.
If you do have questions, please contact your manager, or me directly.